Is Pricing the must-win battle you're playing not to loose?

Pricing is the most critical part of any commercial enterprise. Small changes in price have compounding effects on income, market share and growth prospects. But it is a must-win battle that most business seem to be playing simply not to loose. 

Our core insight:

Pricing is a data-driven process that focuses the whole organisation around quantified profiles of who your customers are and what contexts they make their buying decisions in.

Good pricing combines the intelligence and data from marketing, sales, product and finance into a quantified understanding of who your customers are that allows everyone to work from a common understanding and make pricing decisions with confidence.

Most of our work on pricing fall in one of the categories below:


We structure your offering and pricing to match the job your customers actually need done - and are willing to pay for.

Through data analysis and research we map the value chains and preferences of your customers - including their universe of alternatives, budgets, co-deciders and obstacles to purchase.

We then craft your offering and price-structure to match what your customers most need and are willing to pay for.

The result is optimal value to your customer and an optimal monetisation of that value to you.


We quantify your customer profiles, their discrete preferences and willingness to pay.

Combining data from sales, marketing, product and finance along with external research we create quantified profiles of your most profitable customers

We then create a simulated environment of your sales channels and promotions and test your customers willingness to pay.

The result is a better monetisation of the value you create and a combined understanding through sales/product/marketing, that allows you to clone your best customers.


A good pricing structure is worthless if your teams give too many concessions when negotiating with customers.

We review decision structures, historical offers, price lists, discounts and incentives to make sure your team has the best negotiation position.

Then we train your core team members to negotiate better using the Harvard Negotiation Program - where all our trainers are trained.

The result is a more energised team and measurably better deals.

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