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Behavioural Strategy

We drive your organisational goals by removing errors of decision making.



Individual decision making is about consistently applying frameworks for evaluating options while avoiding human psychological bias and errors.

We do this by applying research-backed proprietary testing and training that drives sustained performance.



Team decision quality is driven by maximizing use of team information while avoiding subtle error-prone social dynamics.

We objectively measure decision risk across eight parameters and then create interventions to drive performance.



Some decisions are simply better made by algorithms.

We know which - and also know whether to use an advanced AI or a simple governance structure or SOP to create a better end result.



Through partnerships with both universities and private organisations we carry out research projects within  decision theory, rationality and behavioural finance

Our Approach

We are experts on decision making. We use this expertise to drive business results through better strategy, better risk management, better capital allocation, better hiring and promotion and better governance.

Our tools are behavioural economics, automated decision making via AI, decision theory, game theory and traditional economics and data analysis.

We believe in a data and design driven approach where we create interventions for and around the people that have to live with them when we are gone. This produces organisational buy-in, early wins, builds project momentum and reduces the risk of failure.

About us

Founded in Copenhagen in 2015 Behavioural Strategy is the premier specialised consultancy for applying behavioural economics and decision theory in Scandinavia.

Our customers are private and public organisations.

Some of our Customers

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