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About US

Behavioural Strategy was founded as a management consultancy in Copenhagen in 2014 to help corporations be more valuable to both shareholders and society by using a broader range of research.

We combine behavioural economics with psychology, decision theory, game theory, economics, statistics (lots of statistics), technology and a keen understanding of commercial operations to solve difficult problems. 

Our core insight is that people are irrational in predictable ways - both inside organisations and outside.


Taking this simple but powerfull idea seriously we have acquired a deep understanding of our three main areas of expertise: decision processes, customer behaviour and price psychology.

We are a hybrid between a service and a technology company offering both traditional consultancy services as well as a suite of automated tools that help us help businesses.

Our Founder - Sally Khallash

Having worked with a behavioural economics approach to consultancy for the past 10 years and supported by her experience as lecturer at Harvard University and at CBS, Sally’s ambition was and continues to be to merge behavioural economics, data-driven insights and management consultancy to form a new breed of consultancy.


The focal point is to focus services on how people really make decisions rather than how they rationally should make decisions.


She has a background in decision science, scenario planning, strategy and policy work and has advised multinational companies and supranational institutions across the world for more than a decade.


She has a Masters in Political Science, is concluding a PhD in behavioural economics and has worked as a researcher at Oxford University and taught decision theory and behavioural economics at Harvard University.

She is the author of 3 books and several articles and is a Marshall Memorial Fellowship awardee.

Our Research

We spend 30% of our time doing research or development collaborations without an immediate commercial purpose.

This can be trying to design a scorecard system for team-based rationality or to test if price bundles work differently on screens than in physical retail.


Often this is work where the driving hypothesis takes us so far away from existing practices that we can't ask a paying customer to fund the experiment. Or maybe the cost of the experiment is disproportional to the value we can hope to get.

This is when we feel we have an obligation (and a genuine curiosity) to do it ourselves.

This process is what has given us a lot of our tools: from our Decision Quality Scorecard and Rationality Training to our visual algorithms for determining website appeal.​

We work with (or have worked with in the past):

Oxford University,

Harvard University,

Copenhagen Business School,

University of Copenhagen,

HEC Business School

The CFA Institute.

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