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We walk a mile in your customers' shoes

Your organisations ability to create value for your customers is dependent on your ability to understand and appreciate what your customers actually value - even when they have a hard time articulating it themselves.

Our core insight:

Customer insight is not only about zip-code or gender - it's also about understanding intentionality and the job that the customer is hiring your product to get done.

Using a mixed methods approach building on both statistical profiling, behavioural studies and cognitive sciences we have developed a suite of tools to work with customer strategies and implement them through behaviourally optimised customer journeys across all channels.

We structure our work on customers in these three categories:



Using quantified, behavioural customer profilling, choice architecture and nudging we help organisations increase sales

Using data (lots of data) we quantify the most profitable customer profiles in each of your channels.

We design your value offering, choice architecture and promotional psychology to convert those customers optimally.

This increases sales and margins as well as prolonging customer lifetime as a better value match is made.


We help organisations change their customers behaviour

We analyse current behaviour and define a needed change.

Using our behavioural compliance framework we re-design the customer journey across all touchpoints to make the change. Then we iterate.

The result is a much better customer-organisation fit with better value creation or - often - one less critical problem.


Using behavioural insights and choice architecture we help reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value.

We create a data-driven understanding of why your  customers leave and what can be done about it.

We re-design touchpoints across a series of small iterations that compounds to meaningful results.

The result is reduced churn, increased CLTV and a better basis for growth.

Think we can help you? 

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