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Want to leverage your decision making?

The results you get as an organisation are a direct result of the quality of the decisions you make. This is true both at an executive level and at the level of operations where thousands of daily decisions make up the process of work.

Our core insight:

Great decision making is more about making sure to be consistently not-stupid - than it is about trying to be occasionally brilliant.

Taking this insight seriously and applying 75 years of decision research we have developed a strong suite of tools to measure, structure, test (and stress-test) and ultimately improve decision processes in all kinds of organisations - from manufacturing to banking and government services.


Most of our work on creating better decision making fall in one of the categories below:


We help organisations leverage the decision skills of their people by applying technology where it matters.

By analysing your data and decision flow we identify decision points where algorithms can improve results.

The result is either a wholly automated process or a support system - sometimes as simple as a checklist.

This creates a decision flow that is both more cost efficient, more reliable - and with less room for error.


Through measuring, training and process optimisation we increase decision skills in your organisation

We measure decision skills and most-likely-mistakes in your organisation using our proprietary tools.

We then implement a training plan to increase individual performance as well as to review and restructure critical meeting formats and data input

The result is measurably better decision skills of individuals and teams as well a better and more structured use of data.


We optimise workflows in your organisation for human interaction, engagement and efficiency

We identify and score the efficiency and risk profile of the critical workflows in your organisation using our behavioural insight tools.

Together with employees and management we then redesign the workflows to ensure efficiency, decision quality and human-optimised work

This increases productivity, reduces risk and creates workflows that people want to be a part of.

Think we can help you? 

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