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Behavioural Pricing for Tech Companies

Are you trying to launch a new product or service, and not sure how to price it?

The surge in cloud-based infrastructure allows a digitalization and servitization of many existing business models as well as a whole host of new X-as-a-service models.

Pricing and monetization of these XaaS-models require more than simple optimization – it requires a design approach, that integrates the pricing and monetization into the customers use of the product.


We call this ‘Behavioural Pricing’.

Behavioural Strategy (BeSt) has developed a rigorous process for designing monetization models and pricing structures for technology-as-a-service. Our process is data-driven and validated. It builds product/service configuration and pricing around “customer value” and “customer expectation”.


02 May 2019

How long?



Copenhagen, Denmark

How much?

10.000 DKK not including VAT*

This course is targeted to help product managers, division heads and decision makers who are developing new technology and SaaS products find the optimal monetisation and pricing strategy that leads to happier customers and increased revenue.

About the course

Key takeaways

You will learn the latest in research on pricing, innovation and design-thing into practice: It’s based on the best and most advanced thinking on the topic.

You will gain access to the tools to both identify what customers value and what they think is the fair price, where customers and business both feel they are maximising value.


You will possess the tools to continue your learning beyond the course itself. So, we teach the steps to help you improve over time.


Meet the instructor

Ulrik Lehrskov-Schmidt is managing partner in Behavioural Strategy (BeSt). He works with pricing and monetisation for tech and SaaS companies.  BeSt works as the Preferred Pricing Partner of both CPH Fintech and Microsoft ScaleUp.


The course is a combination of theory and activities so that participants can apply lessons-learned in their organisations.

9.00   Registration, coffee and small talk

9.30   Kick off

9.45   Anatomy of SaaS pricing

10.15   Customer Segmentation – Figuring out who to sell to and identifying  segments who are willing to buy


11.00  Email / Coffee break


11.15  Monetisation – Creating pricing models that increase ARPU consistently-   and have them coming back for more


12.00   Lunch Break


13.00   Product-Market Fitting: Creating offerings that each customer segments consider no-brainer purchases and 'must haves’?


13.45  Price points: Asking customers what they are willing to pay for and the “right” long-term price


14.30  Email / Coffee Break


14.45   Free-trails, Freemiums, & other Acquisition strategies: Converting users into paying customers


15.30  Monetising your roadmap: building a consistent product roadmap that builds $$$$ and increases your CLV/CAC


16.15  Q&As


17.00  END

* Members of The Creators Community and DJØF qualify for a 15% rebate

Participants will physical and digital copies of course materials. Participants will also receive a copy of the book Prispsykologi (in Danish only)


The end result is a SaaS pricing structure that supports your business strategy and extracts maximum commercial value from the value delivered by your SaaS product.

In this course, you will learn the key elements of behavioural pricing, which will help you:

  • Transition from innovation to pricing execution

  • Segment your customers based on their psychological and behavioural profiles

  • Better fit your products to markets

  • Design your pricing structure and prices